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Checkmate Kennels is a leading american bullies breeder offering a wide range of bully studs and stud services in Atlanta, GA. Our pure bully studs are all registered with ABKC or UKC. Before deciding if breeding a litter of puppies is for you, it is best to educate yourself on what it entails. Our experienced breeders are here to help you and offer guidance.

Stud service is simply the act of using a male dog to mate with a female dog that is in heat for the purposes of breeding. Checkmate Kennels has a great selection of American Bully such as exotic bully, pocket bully & micro bully pure studs that are available to mate with your bitch. We also offer breeding services for with female bullies, including artificial insemination and ovulation protection. We invite you to come in, meet our studs and females, and choose the one you want. Breeding is a huge commitment, and we make sure you are educated, prepared, and ready to handle the responsibility of American Bullies breeding properly.

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