American Bully Housebreaking


Patience and consistency are the two most important things in learning American Bully housebreaking. Positive reinforcement is key. This is when you praise your dog for good behaviors. The more you praise them, the more they will enjoy doing that behavior. You can reward them with a treat, or anything that they like (ex. play with their toy, rub their belly…). They are more likely to learn something when you reinforce after every instance of that behavior. Remember: dogs want to please you! They will learn by repetition, but of course that means you have to be patient. It is also important to reward them right away. They need to know that they are being rewarded for the behavior they JUST did. If you wait a few minutes, they will not associate the reward with the behavior. It is also good to use verbal praise simultaneously (ex. “good boy!”). Positive reinforcement will work for fixing or teaching any behavior, whether you are trying to teach your dog new tricks, or where to go to the bathroom.

The best way we have found to housetrain bathroom behavior is by rewarding them with a SMALL treat every time they go to the bathroom outside. Give it to them immediately when they are done and use verbal praise also. Remember small American Bully puppies are going to have to go to the bathroom a lot, so it is better so try to bring them out before it happens! You don’t want your puppy to go to the bathroom on your carpet for you to realize they had to go! A good rule of thumb is to add on one hour to each age your puppy is in months, and that will tell you how long they can hold it in. So, if you get your puppy at 8 weeks, you will probably have to bring the puppy out every 3 hours. But do not forget they usually will go immediately after eating, drinking, or sleeping.

It is good to crate train your American Bully puppy when they are young. They become familiar with the crate being the place that they sleep, and learn they do not want to go to the bathroom in their bed! If the crate is too large, this may not work and you may see that your puppy may go to the bathroom in the back of the crate, and then sleep in the front. As soon as you take the puppy out of the crate he/she WILL need to go to the bathroom. Make sure to bring the puppy right out and praise it with a treat after! We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have in regards to house training your puppy. We are not certified animal behavior specialists, but we do have some expertise in raising and training dogs of our own! Educating yourself on positive reinforcement training is the best way to learn and to understand your own pet. Use these tips and you’ll have a housebroken American Bully in no time!

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